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"And how have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For behold, the moment that the sound of thy greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leapt for joy." Luke 1:43-44

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Three Year Old's Vision, a Poem Printed in Honor of Her Deceased Family

Many years ago I wrote a poem called Sweet Jesus. I knew the time would come that I would want to print it here and have waited for just the right time. I felt I would probably print it after I had written about how God was so loving to answer my prayers for my daughter Michaela. Sometimes though, I have felt a little guilty about Michaela's survival of cancer because I have also known many parents who have lost their children and it is so hard to know how to address them or what to say. I am sure they probably prayed just as hard for their children as I did for Michaela. Why is it that some prayers seem to be answered and others don't? This is a mystery I have pondered often.

I am printing Sweet Jesus today in honor of the family of the little girl who is the subject of the poem. I do believe that God allows intense suffering so that he can bring about a greater good. The poem is a true story of an interaction I had with the little girl's mother when she had just found out that her child became terminally ill with her cancer. For me, showing others the love of Jesus was the purpose of the young child's short life.

I am printing it now because the little girl's entire family, including her mother, father and sister all died last week from an apparent house fire. The public has since been told the family died of unnatural causes prior to the fire. The police are not actively looking for a suspect but there is still an investigation going on and the specifics have not been made public. Many rumors have circulated. I am personally anxious to find out what happened but in the meantime I want to honor the family for their contributions to building up the faith by the mysterious way of suffering. That is what Sweet Jesus is all about.

Here it is:

Sweet Jesus

I was sitting there in the waiting room with my child
when out came a woman so meek and mild.
I recognized her immediately,
the mother of Jessica who was only three.
As the tears streamed down her tender cheeks
I could tell that the news was very bleak.
I had to say something but I didn’t know how,
so I said, "How is your child doing now?"
"We are having a bad day." she said,
"The news I was told is what I dread."

She had known for three weeks.
A mother just knows
that certain language God’s Spirit blows.

Jessica hadn’t been acting the same
and she told her mother that Jesus came.
Jesus made a visit to show He cared.
He spoke to Jessica so she wouldn’t be scared.
Jessica said to her mother
how He hugged her and loved her.
And He stayed quite some time.
She knew everything would be just fine.

Through those tears the mother continued along
with a message so tender and loud and strong.
Jessica told her Jesus smelled so good.
He smelled like some of her favorite food.
The mother asked her what it could be,
Jessica smiled and said, "why it was a cookie."

Sweet Jesus is He
Precious to behold, precious to see.
His light shines bright
through the dark dark night.
Nothing more shall we want.
Only with Him can we triumph.
We are drawn to Him so vibrantly
At 99, 51, 29 and even 3.

How could we want to keep such a child away from Thee
Who loves and hugs and smells just like a fresh baked cookie.

I pray that the entire Hindman family can rest in Peace with their little Saint Jessica up in heaven and that through the Mercy of God all their suffering is over.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you from many in Wahoo Nebraska who know and love this family.