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"And how have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For behold, the moment that the sound of thy greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leapt for joy." Luke 1:43-44

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

"A Mother is as Happy as Her Unhappiest Child"

I’ve heard a repeated saying lately, “A mother is as happy as her unhappiest child.” How true. I read a friends face book post a while back that said, “The kid's disappointments are my own and so are their joys. With 7 kids that means a roller coaster every day.” So true!

I’ve talked to many moms lately who have all shared stories about being at the bottom of the roller coaster ride. The stories have been harrowing and these mom’s hearts have broken along with their children’s. I have also heard these same moms tell stories of how they have started the ride back to the top of the roller coaster. Is there a roller coaster that gets to the top and then stays there? I know from experience that there is one that somehow hangs out at the bottom for a long time and these other moms know about it too. But, it is a reality, for us all that life is indeed a roller coaster ride. Not only physically but spiritually as well.

Here is the great thing that I have been hearing from these moms though. They have all actively worked to make their roller coaster ride as smooth and even as possible. The number one thing that each of these mothers have done is they have prayed for their children. All of these particular mothers (I’ve talked to 4 of them) have had a daughter or two who have really struggled with their social lives. I have to tell you how humbled and inspired I have been by talking to these women of strength! They have been absolutely determined to change the course for their daughters through the power of prayer. And it is working!!

One mother has a daughter who did not receive an invitation from a friend for three years straight. These were the junior high years. In desperation she began a novena to Saint Rita which goes like this:

O Saint Rita, Holy Patroness of the impossible and advocate of the Hopeless, under the weight of hardship, I beseech you.

Free my heart from the burden of my sorrows and restore peace to my tormented spirit. I implore you, whom God elected as Advocate of the Hopeless, to obtain for me this request……..If my sins hinder the realization of my most cherished wishes, obtain for me the grace of sincere repentance and forgiveness, for which I promise a good confession. In any case, Intercede for me so that I no longer have to live in such affliction. Have pity on me!

O Lord, see the hope I am placing in You! Listen to your Blessed Rita. May your Holy Will once more grant her the favor she is asking on my behalf.


The child finally, this school year, has two friends. The mother continues to pray but is no longer tormented and afflicted with sorrow for her daughter.

Another mother not only makes prayer a priority but she has made practical life changes for her children. She has made a point to surround her children with positive influences outside of school. She has utilized family and friends to form a warm and friendly community for her children to give them a true sense of belonging, thus growing their self confidence. She has also worked very hard to give her children opportunities to be charitable to others. O how wise this mother is. I can tell you that I hope to blog more in depth about this mother and her family!! Stay posted.

The third mother has been praying to Mary for her child. This child is in junior high and has struggled with an entire class of friends. Not only has her mother been praying in earnest but she has also been actively engaged in the community and school to find solutions to the problems that have beset an entire class. This child has recently admitted to her mother that she feels included with a nice group of friends. Again, prayers answered for the child! The mother has been motivated through this experience to work for a turn around in our culture to put aside materialism and bring back the virtue of chastity and faith for our world. I look forward to praying with and working with this wonderful woman who is on fire for Christ.

The last mother I talked to in the past week said she had a daughter who had gone outside of her school to another school to seek out friends two years ago because she had none. Last year she finally found one friend inside her school and this year, her senior year, she has an overflow of friends. This mother had been praying daily for her child, specifically to be blessed with at least one really good friend. Now, her cup runneth over!

Please comment on how you have handled the heartbreaks that come with raising children! You may really help another parent and child with your story.

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