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"Joy Battista" stands for the Joy of John the Baptist at the presence of Christ.

"And how have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For behold, the moment that the sound of thy greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leapt for joy." Luke 1:43-44

This blog is dedicated to all who seek the Joy of Christ's presence in their own lives.
This blog is also dedicated to the unborn, for John the Baptist was an unborn when he leapt for joy at the presence of Jesus who was also unborn at the time.


Friday, September 10, 2010

"Battle Techniques for War-weary Saints"

I’m giving you a powerful piece of inspiration from another unknown author that teaches practical and spiritual ways to battle the enemy of God. I found this piece in my late mothers things many years ago. Mom passed away in 1998. I think she may have attended some sort of conference or retreat where she received this incredible outline packed full of Scripture and great wisdom on the spiritual battle we all face. Because my mother lived her life 100% Catholic I am 100% confident and can tell that this is from a Catholic source. But even if you are not Catholic you can apply all that you read because it is all based on Scripture! Take it in and know that you will succeed in the dreams and miracles God has planned for you.

“Battle Techniques For War-weary Saints”

A battle is:
*Any opposition, pain or difficulty that you encounter while attempting to obey instruction from God or complete His dreams in your life, or to receive a desired miracle he has planned.
*Any pain produced during your efforts to satisfy God’s expectations of you.
*Simply meeting opposition on the road to a miracle.

The nature of your enemy:
Satan despises God. And he hates anything that receives God’s affection. He is quite aware of God’s unusual care and protection of us and reacts with unbridled resentment. (Job 1:10)

He is deceptive, cunning, manipulating, and the father of all lies. He opposes you because you are a potential source of pleasure to God. (Rev. 4:11) His real enemy is God, but because he is powerless against God, he attacks that which is closest to the heart of God--you and me.

His main purpose of warfare is to pain God’s heart--insult Him, to frustrate His purposes in your life. He wants you to grieve God’s heart by doubting His integrity. (Numbers 23:19)

Satan’s favorite weapons:
*Delays, a delay can weaken your desire to keep reaching (Dan 10:2-14)
*Distractions, a broken focus is the goal of all his attacks. (Prov 4:27)
*Disappointment, with yourself and others. When discouraged, seek sources of encouragement through reading or praying or with a spiritual director.

Predicting your seasons of attack:
*When you become physically exhausted.
*When you face major changes in your life.
*Birth of a child destined to become a spiritual leader.
*When a specific miracle has just left God’s hand toward you.
*When you make an effort to launch a new ministry for God.
(The intensity of the warfare usually indicates the degree of potential that a project possesses.)
*When you are next in line for a promotion from God. (Joseph)

Your most effective weapons: (2 Cor 10:4)
*You must know and speak the word of God.
*Your conversations should reflect the mentality of a conqueror. (Prov 18:21)
*Take your authority over Satan in the name of Jesus (Prov 18:10, Phil 2:9-10)
*Spiritually clothe yourself in spiritual armor in prayer. (Eph 6:13)
*Respect the power of prayer and fasting. (Jos 5:16, Isa 58:6)
*Pursue and extract the wisdom of God from the spiritual mentors He places in your life. (Prov 1:5)
*Holy Mass *Confession *Stations of the Cross *Chaplet of Divine Mercy *Mary intercession, the Rosary and Memorare

Four forces that shorten your season of struggles:
*Your speaking, Faith is explosive. It builds you up in the spirit. (Prov 18:21)
*Your singing creates a climate Satan cannot tolerate. (1 Sam 16:23)
*Your sharing in prayer and agreement with others (Mt 18:18-19)
*Your seed-sowing creates a partnership with God that involves Him in your adversity. (Mal 3:10-11) Praise

Your battle is always for a reason.
Your battle is always for a season.

Principles and techniques to remember:
*You will never outgrow warfare; you simply must learn to fight. (Eph 6:12)
*God’s purpose in your crisis is not your survival but your education. (Dt 8:1-2)
*Nothing is ever as bad as it first appears. (Ps 138:7-8)
*Failure is not an event but an opinion. (Lk 23-35)
*Failure cannot happen in your life without your permission (Josh 24:15)
*All great men of God attract Satanic attention. (Job 1:9-12)
*All men fall, great men get back up. (Ps. 37:23,24)
*Satan always attacks what he fears the most. (Mt 2:3)
*Struggle is the proof you have not yet been conquered. (2 Cor 4:8-9)
*Warfare always surrounds the birth of a miracle. (Mt. 2:13)
*Crisis always occurs at the curve of change. (Gen 13:1, 6-7)
*Stop looking at what you see and start looking at what you can have. (Numbers 14:8)
*No one has ever been a looser longer than Satan. (Rev. 12:9)
*Never speak words that make Satan think he’s winning. (Dan 3:17)
*Those unwilling to loose rarely do. (Ps: 55-22)
Accurately assess your struggle. Name your real enemy for who he is.
Make a quality decision to go on with God.

And I say persevere!


Lucy Langdon said...

Wow, Jackie, this is lot more powerful and meaningful NOW than when you shared it years back! This would have been a great resource at Father Corapi's latest talk at the Qwest Center in Omaha. He stopped just short of actual, practical advise.
And as a tired woman I am going to go pray the Rosary...

Jennifer said...

Great post, thanks for sharing. I too attended Fr. Corapi's conference and was hoping to hear more of this.